A series of paintings, frescoes, furniture, objects..., done since 1995; first in the ring of “The Frivolous King Lère Show” and, since 2010, in “The Frivolous King Lère Side Show” with its amazing knife blocks, Mme Mira and Mr Sansebastiano, the interactive Triumph of the Economy, two Giant Fleas and three Sleeping Giants that anyone can shoot at for only 25¢!

The Four Seasons” takes you on an abusive ride: to change season, for a quarter, just rotate the painting a quarter of a turn. Can anyone resist such an attraction? But then feel cheated?

The Five Permanent Members” rotate around the United Nations logo. For ¢ 25 a spin, you can try to put your favorite nation, one of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council, on top. The wheel has been rigged and America should always end up on top.

“The Six Evils” has 3 acrobats holding 3 signs representing 3 evils. Shoot them down and they will show 3 new evils, mirror opposites of the first 3 evils. The crowd of photographing tourists is inspired by the Tom Otterness sculpture “Tourist” that could be seen for a while in a Times Square hotel.

Back on the ring of the FKL Show, The Human Pyramid is composed of 23 acrobats with one gyrating on top of a home made ball bearing drum. Leftovers from this cutout are reused in “The Frivolous King Lère Menagerie” as Circus Animal Hides, an ultimate destination.


The Frivolous King Lère Show